Persistent Telecom: Mobile phone service...anywhere

Persistent Telecom provides cellular, LTE and Wi-Fi communication solutions.


Persistent Telecom (PTI) systems provide cellular communication over standard Cell Phones in the most challenging of environments and during catastrophic events.  As it has been demonstrated many times, in times of an emergency, the cellular network becomes overloaded or fails.


PTI's systems provide a self-contained communication "bubble" allowing law enforcement, first responders and those responsible for critical infrastructure to communicate. We provide solutions that can communicate locally within their own communications "bubble" and via satellite to anywhere on the planet. Our technology has been developed to meet requirements from the department of defense and has been deployed for military purposes. PTI has repurposed this same technology for use by those responsible for critical communications, first responders and law enforcement.

When the communications grid goes down, we have your back.


PTI is a licensed US telecommunications carrier with roaming agreements with all major carriers around the globe.